Translation/Proofreading for Japanese, English, French and German

The developers of the EE series, including Everyday English, have made use of their proficiency in multiple languages to provide you with high quality translations and editing. Our translation team is made up of language experts who are able to deal with texts that require a high degree of localization. Translation and proofreading are performed by in-house translation staff, who are readily available to meet your needs.

With Es, you can rest assured that your documents are in good hands.

Previous Achievements

♦ Ebook site JapaManga.Japamanga

The Magical Cat Ghee Volumes 1 & 2

Because I'm a Maid Volumes 1 & 2

Amazon Books No. 1 Manga Bestseller in the US, UK and France

Kindle eBook No. 1 Manga Bestseller in France

Ranked No. 1 in four Kindle US manga categories

Episode 1 made it to the Top-100 chart on Amazon France

Suppe Manga Volumes 1 & 2

♦ Television Outlet RCC Hiroshima

"Motonari. Hiroshima Pop Quiz" English narration and subtitles for a program celebrating RCC Hiroshima's 60th anniversary.