"The sense of speed is amazing!" "It's like I'm actually on the ride!"
An unreal virtual roller coaster in your home!
Enjoy a thrill unlike anything you've experienced before with this dynamic 3D roller coaster simulator!

Thank you for riding.
Let me explain our new attraction, "ROLLER COASTER SURPRISE."

The vibrations, sounds and graphics all take full advantage of the iPhone's capabilities.
ROLLER COASTER SURPRISE is an app that lets you taste the excitement and thrills of riding a roller coaster anywhere, anytime.

You can control the coaster's speed by tilting the iPhone forward or backward.
Experience speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour. Feel the G-Forces!

The whistling of the wind and the screetching of the rails will make you want to check your seatbelt!
Be sure to turn up the volume when you take a ride.

Your phone shakes to match the motion of the coaster!
The feeling of suspense as you rise up into the sky is unbearable.

All sorts of traps pop up during the ride.
Besides the shakes and sounds, what else is waiting around the next corner..?!

Commemorative photo
The App takes a commemorative photo to capturing your expression at the most intense point in the ride.
Choose from 3 unique picture frames.
On your way out you can I mean post it on Facebook or Twitter or save a copy on your computer.

Take a ride if:

  • you are afraid to ride a real roller coaster due to fear of heights.
  • you can't ride a real roller coaster due to height or age restrictions
  • you're feeling stressed and just want to let loose.
  • you love amusement parks, and want to taste the joy of a 24 hour theme park.
  • you broke a promise to take your kids to an amusement park in order to play golf.
  • you suffer from vertigo and need to rehearse for your date tomorrow so you don't chicken out in front of your sweetheart.

There are no height or age restrictions for this app.
Even pregnant or elderly people can use it at their leisure.

We will continue to add original extra features such as outer-space and under the sea versions so that you can enjoy ROLLER COASTER SURPRISE for years to come.


Feel the excitement as the coaster shakes and screeches and obstacles pop up out of nowhere!

Suddenly dropping and turning, the coaster continuously moves in unpredictable ways!

Available on the iPhone App Store