The Irritation Stick (with candid camera)

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Looks like the standard Irritation Stick game, but this mischievous little app also takes pictures of player's surprised faces.

♦2 popular functions added!

  • Choose the last surprising video from either 'horror video' or 'cute video'.
  • We've improved the controls by adding a directional key. But be careful, there's a trick....

【Description / How to play】

This isn't just a simple single player game, but also a great candid camera app that captures a player's surprised face.
You can use it at occasions such as Christmas and other parties.

The standard irritating stick game involves leading the stick to the goal without touching any walls.
But this isn't an ordinary irritation stick game.
This app uses the iPhone's built-in camera to capture a player's serious face while they are playing the game and also their surprised face by unexpectedly showing scary images.
If you love to play tricks, you will love this app!

Please remember to turn the iPhone's volume all the way up, in order to surprise the player!

Recording starts when the player taps "start".
When the player finishes the game, the video clip can be replayed.

You can share the funny video clip on Facebook.


When time's up the player is suddenly greeted by horrifying video and sound.

Control the stick using the directional pad, but there's a trick here too...

Choose what level of video you'll unleash upon the player.

Choose which type of video to display on the main screen.

Upload the recorded video to facebook!

Available on the iPhone App Store
Download The Irritation Stick (with candid camera) from here