[Play with "voice" with our brand new SNS! ]

■Forget about troublesome text input. Sending messages has never been faster♪

  • Just record your voice and hit post! No need for all that irksome typing.
  • You can communicate at incredible speeds that are impossible with existing social networking sites.

■Hang out and post your "voice!"

  • Absolutely anyone can record and post their favorite words or music! And needless to say, you can reply by voice too.
  • Choose from a wide range of stickers♪ Communicate using your voice instead of text.
  • You can post messages using a fun recording system that displays your voice as a waveform.
  • You can also add optional keywords when posting! This way, everyone can see at a glance what your post is about.

■Listen to my voice! Let me hear your voices! Spread the word using existing social networking sites.

  • Compatible with Twitter and Facebook. Use existing social networks and let everyone hear your voice.
  • increase your listeners, add more users to your listening list, and build a community!
  • You can choose whether your post is completely open to the public or just to selected users. You can let that special someone know how you feel.

■That's not all...

  • You can playback posts in sequence! This feature, which allows you to check-mark certain posts and then play them back in sequence, provides a fun new way to use iKotodama!
  • recommended or noteworthy users are displayed. Follow interesting users and widen your circle of friends.

■Launch events for a brand new user participatory SNS

We intend to carry out events in collaboration with radio stations, TV stations, Facebook and Twitter.

With iKotodama, we're trying to build a new SNS that lets even more people experience the joy of communication.