Facialyzer (surprise camera)

This is a must-have item if you like to play tricks.
It's a facial interpretation ⁄ surprise camera app.
A perfect app for occasions such as Christmas and other parties.

Start the app and ask other people to do a 'facial interpretation'.
When they tap the camera icon, the app will surprise them by displaying the image of a ghost.
It captures the sudden change in expression as the player tries to make their best face.
How embarrassing it would be! haha!

Please remember to turn the iPhone's volume all the way up, in order to surprise the player!

Play the video clip once the 'Facial Interpretation' is completed.
You can share the funny video clip on Facebook and enjoy it even more.


While the player is patiently waiting for the result of the 'Facial Interpretation', we'll surprise them with a sudden scream a scary image.

Let's start!

The player adjusts the iPhone to fit themself into the frame and then taps the camera icon. As a result, the app will show you...

The recording starts when the player taps the camera button. You can then tap the video icon on the bottom right of the first title screen to enjoy the movie clips.

Enjoy the difference between the players' best face and surprised face. It will make everyone laugh!

Available on the iPhone App Store
Download Facialyzer (surprise camera) from here