The Hiroshima specialty flexible chopsticks… just a joke

For losing weight... you can lose weight as they're difficult to use...
As a spiritual discipline... as they require patience to master.
For dowsing... try using it to find underground water or veins of ore!

Be the life of the party!

You'll be the life of the party once you pull out your bendable chopsticks and laugh at the ensuing hilarity!

Entertainment at a wedding reception and an ideal gift!

Who can manage to eat using the chopsticks? It would make a great competition at a wedding reception.
Place the white and black box together to form the image of a Torii gate (an archway to a Shinto shrine). Torii gates are considered auspicious in Japan, so the matched set will make a great wedding gift.


After use, please clean them using a soft cloth and a neutral detergent.
If the chopsticks lose their luster or shine, polish them with toothpaste or sodium bicarbonate.


  • Once bent, 'The Hiroshima specialty flexible chopsticks' will never return to their original form.
  • As they're soft, applying too much force may cause them to tear.
  • If they should tear, please be mindful of sharp edges.
  • Do not leave 'The Hiroshima specialty flexible chopsticks' near fire, because they conduct heat and can become very hot.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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