What Es Corporation does for the environment

Tackling environmental issues is one of the reasons we started our company, and we've made it one of our management principles. We take a proactive approach in thoroughly considering the environmental impact of our business affairs and the running of our office.
As a part of our CSR activities, we take a synthetic approach, proactively communicating with clients and society as well as working to safeguard the environment.


Protecting Hiroshima's blessed environment for future generations

This is an eco-friendly project in which we clean sightseeing spots around Hiroshima such as, the World Heritage listed Itsukushima Shinto Shrine on Miyajima Island, and Hiroshima Peace Memorial park which is visited by thousands of people from all over the globe each year as a symbol of peace.
Through our 'I love Hiroshima project', we'll continue our environmental cleanup campaigns to ensure that the blessed beauty of sightseeing spots in Hiroshima, where we grew up and founded our company, are maintained for future generations.
This year too, our staff proactively engaged in cleanup campaigns of several sightseeing spots around the city.

Donating 'Everyday English' in many countries around the globe

Contributing to society to fulfill our CSR policy

'Everyday English', our English Learning Material is sold in 85 countries around the globe.
One more way we have contributed to society is by donating 'Everyday English' to embassies, consulates, Japanese Associations' libraries, Japanese schools and other educational institutions around the world.
We've donated 'Everyday English' to over half the World's countries, and now it is used by people all around the globe.

Donating 'Everyday English' to special needs schools

For those with visual impairment

Our English learning material, 'Everyday English' is widely used by people with visual impairments.
As one further way to contribute to society, we've donated 'Everyday English' to 25 of the 69 schools for the visually impaired in Japan to help in the English Education of visually impaired students.
On February 2011, we donated 'Everyday English' to the Kyoto Prefectural School for the visually impaired, the Kanagawa Prefectural School for the visually impaired and all the schools for the visually impaired in Fukuoka Prefecture,
Feel free to contact us if you wish to use 'Everyday English' at your special needs school.

Donating 'Everyday English' to welfare facilities for the elderly

For the elderly

Our English learning material, 'Everyday English' is also widely used by elderly people wishing to learn English.
Born from a desire to support the elderly, and as a way to contribute to society, we decided to distribute 'Everyday English' free to Elderly Welfare facilities to help in maintenance of interest in learning.
On January 2011, we donated 'Everyday English' to the special elderly nursing home Sunami-sou and the elderly welfare facility Hoshinosato in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Donation to UNICEF

For the children of the world

Based on our company philosophy of 'Make the world smile', we donate part of our profits to UNICEF, an organization actively working on children's issues.

For the children in the various areas effected by earthquakes and tsunamis such as those felt during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

For a long time starting in April 2011, all donations will be used to support areas affected by various earthquakes and tsunamis such as the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

We give a detailed account of our donations to UNICEF each month.