About Es Corporation


Nice to meet you. We're Es Corporation.
Thank you for visiting our website. Our mission is to 'Make the World Smile.' We provide you with 'something it would be nice to have.' We search for unreached markets and unmet demands with our catchphrase 'Something it would be nice to have,' and provide you with a completely new user experience. To make the potential the actual. Through our efforts, we will realize our goal to 'Make the World Smile.' Nothing brings us more joy than making the world a better place with our services and seeing smiles on people's faces. We feel happiest when our services from the Far East can reach people living in some distant corner of the world and make a five year old girl grin with joy.

To our current clients and those who are considering using our services in the future
Thank you very much for your continued business. Alternately, thank you very much for considering our services. We're just a small startup company mostly composed of young faces, so naturally we're still learning and growing. We're always passionate about improving services wherever possible. We appreciate your support and guidance. But we're certain we'll live up to your expectations. Our steady growth means that you can count on us to reward you for your patience and cooperation. Your ongoing support and guidance is very much appreciated.

To all those who worked with us in the past
Thank you very much for all the hard work. We really appreciate all your contributions. We're proud to have worked with you (even if it was just a short time). It's a pity that we had to part ways. However, even though we only got to know you for a short time, it was still worth it to have the chance to work together. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. If one day you look back and remember us during your travels through life, please send us a postcard. Your postcard will give us the courage to face future challenges.

To those currently working at Es Corporation and all those who would like to join us
To all those working at Es Corporation, thanks again for your continued hard work. And to all those considering a career at Es corporation, welcome. It is said that “A person can lie in their words but never in their actions.” That's the way it is.

We all have dreams. After starting work here at Es Corporation, we got everything started with talking about our dreams. Then we found our own job description, specialties, and reasons for being. At Es Corporation, we especially value energetic people who take action and work together as a team.

A variety of people work at our company, from those who joined us in the early days when Es Corporation was like a paper plane waiting for a gentle breath to send it flying, to those who are over 50 but are even now searching for a worthwhile job where they can fulfill their potential. Packed together in our cramped office, they fly this paper plane and nurture a spirit of friendship with their limitless consideration and kindness. And every month when someone's birthday comes around, we take that opportunity to celebrate with a small birthday party (or as it's more commonly known, a drinking party). Even if one day for whatever reason, the time comes when you have to alight from our paper plane, we'd still love to remain friends.

Welcome to our website and welcome to Es Corporation.

What is 'Es'?

The Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud, proposed a method of psychiatry known as 'psychoanalysis.' Psychoanalysis is field that deals with the human subconscious. 'Es' comes from the original German term 'das Es' which refers to 'id', one of the three core concepts of psychoanalysis, 'id', 'ego' and 'super-ego' ('das Es', 'das Ich', and 'das Über-Ich' in German). Of the three, 'Es' is thought to exist in the deepest area of the self and is considered to be the source of mental energy. In a nutshell, 'Es' is that unknown 'something' that motivates you. That's 'Es.' We named our company 'Es' with the hope that we can unlock our infinite potential and one day become a driving force that can change the world.